Blake’s Mosaics – about the project

A 4-week project with musicians from Wigmore Hall who will be helping our students to create new music compositions. The theme for the project will be the words and paintings of William Blake.

We began our exploration of William Blake with a trip to the railway tunnels of Waterloo Station.  Here on three streets there are 70 mosaics based on Blake’s words and paintings. Artists from Southbank Mosaics made the mosaics together with 300 volunteers – the whole project took 7 years to complete! Blake lived nearby on Hercules Road from 1790 – 1800 and although the original house has gone there is a blue plaque to mark the spot.

We were met at the tunnels by Charlie, an actor, who explained how William Blake’s words and paintings are still an inspiration for writers and artists, and how we might get inspired too! We walked around Centaur Street, Virgil Street, and Carlisle Lane and collected material for our project. We collected drawings, words, sound recordings and photographs. We also visited Leake Street tunnels to see the walls decorated with graffiti. This was originally created in 2008 by the artist Banksy at his ‘Cans Festival’, and by coincidence we also saw a short poem by Blake written on the wall at the entrance.

Shaun our Artist in Residence will also be working with our students to produce artworks inspired by Blake. Take a look at and listen to the material we collected.  At the moment we don’t know where it will take us – but we will be posting our work here on the blog over the next 4 weeks, so keep on visiting!

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